Today I am full of gratitude. I have had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my little family over the last week. I am just so grateful that I have them. I certainly have not felt worthy of them at many times in my life. I am grateful for a husband who understands the atonement and who has been given the gift of forgiveness. I know that my life would be a loss without him. I am so grateful that the Lord has trusted me enough to be the mother of three amazing boys. I have no doubts that I am meant to be their mother. I think of the good that I can do in the world by raising these boys right and unto the Lord. I am so grateful for the prophet and his apostles. I am grateful for the talks and blessings I have received over the weekend by listening to their words. I am grateful that God, in His wisdom, set up the amazing 12 step recovery program, that we may be healed! I am grateful to my sponsor, for her love and her inspiration as she has helped me through rough times and who also is helping me do a 30 in 30. I have been blessed to see things differently than I had before by doing this. I feel greater progress in this than in just trying on my own, of course we know we can't do it alone. Most of all I am grateful for the Atonement. I only pray that I can understand it and accept it more fully. I can't even begin to claim that I understand it all but I am so grateful for it. I have a testimony of the Atonement. I know it was for you, for me and all mankind. I imagine my Savior praying for me in the garden and am filled with awe that I cannot even begin to express.
I am grateful that I have been given these feelings of so much gratitude over the last few days. I pray for this to stay with me as I progress. I am grateful also for all of you, who blog, who may fail but still fight, who listen, who comment (or not) and for your strength in fighting our battles together. God bless you.
4/9/2013 12:17:57 pm

And I'm grateful that you haven't given up, even though it's hard sometimes. You truly are an inspiration! Whether others can see it or not, *I* can see a change in you. I can see His image in your countenance. You are AMAZING!

4/14/2013 03:46:44 pm

Bah! Is this your hubby commenting? So sweet! I can't wait to meet you, Jana!


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